How Can I Write My Essay Fast?

A student is always on the run. Your day starts early in the morning as you get up for college and ends until late at night when you are neck-deep in studies. Adding to this are continuous online assignments with short deadlines. Let’s have a look at some basic tips that help you write your essay fast.


The secret to a well-written essay is planning. Note how much time you have before the final submission. You will have a couple of hours or even less than an hour for an urgent essay. Utilize that time fruitfully rather than wasting it on overthinking and procrastinating. Allocate at least half of the time in creating a structure and the remaining half of shaping the body of the article. For example, if you have an hour before the deadline, spend twenty minutes outlining and thirty minutes writing the paper’s body. Always keep those remaining ten minutes for revision as this is a crucial step without which the article’s quality will compromise. It is challenging to do an essay quickly, and if you still find it difficult to follow the strict pattern, need not worry as online writing services have got your back.

Read Your Essay Question Carefully and Answer It

This seems obvious and unimportant, but you will be amazed at how many students miss this step out completely. When you are running short on time, you do not make reading the question paper your priority. You rather focus on writing and end up not reading the question or reading it vaguely. This harms the quality of your material. As you start typing the paper, you are likely to get stuck after some time as you will not know how to proceed. You have no other option but to return to read the question again, this time. You waste your crucial time in understanding the requirements. Other students do not even bother to go through the instructions and start writing to quickly get their essays done. This can be disastrous, and you will never be able to come up with a genuine essay in time.

Spend At Least Twenty Percent of Your Time Outlining

The simpler you keep the process, the healthier your essay turns out. Start with five standard paragraphs in mind. This may include the introduction and conclusion as well. Then break each paragraph into sections. A standard paragraph contains one main point and evidence to support that point. As you type an essay paragraph, also pay heed to the summarizing lines and a few lines that provide a transition to the following paragraph. Your introduction is like a thesis for the whole article, and that is why every paragraph’s gist has to connect to the introduction in one way or the other. When running low on time, if you find it challenging to abide by these tips, you can always place an order from online writing companies that ensure an outstanding essay within the deadline.

Spend the Remaining Forty Percent of Your Time in Writing the Rest

You will spend this time writing supportive statements and coming up with some heavy evidence to back up your main points. This is the main part of your writing and requires a good amount of time. Here you provide some professional introduction and conclusions to every paragraph. Bring coherence to your article by connecting all the parts of your essay altogether. It may consume time, but if you plan to write a great essay quickly, do not spend more than forty percent of the time in this section.

Make the Introduction and Conclusion Solid

The first thing your reader goes through in your essay is the introduction. By the time a person reads your introduction, they have already decided whether they like the essay or not. That is why your introduction has to be a solid ten. While writing an English essay, you can begin your write-up with a catchy quote to hook the reader’s interest. You can also consider starting by narrating a personal experience to develop the interest of the reader.

Best Way to Write an Essay Fast

Even after adapting to these tips, many students find it difficult to write an essay quickly. The best approach to write my essay fast is to use an online writing service The writers are trained under extreme circumstances to produce the finest quality articles. At the same time, you need to beware of the scams out there. Always read reviews and listen to your friends’ suggestions when trusting an online writing company. A reputable service always seeks your satisfaction.


There is no rocket science to write your essay fast. It is wise to order an essay online to leave the hard part for the professionals. You do not want to trade your final result with a couple of dollars. Expert writers can bring that authenticity to your essay and provide an overall glow to the article.

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