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Let us take this opportunity to thank our clients who have worked with us, are working with us or want to work with us. Our dedicated data protection officer is always ready to help those who live in the European Union. If you have any concerns, questions, comments or feedback regarding the company’s policies, we encourage you to read the Privacy Policy page that includes answers to almost all of your questions. You can also get to know what your rights are as a customer; if you want to get in touch, you may email us at We will be glad to assist you in this regard.

Writemyessayforme is doing business all over the world, and we provide affordable writing and editing services to our reputed customers. Our team works day and night to ensure the protection of your data or private details. In the meantime, we pay special attention to knowing whether the data we have held is fair and legal or not. We always take into consideration the privacy laws of the countries we are operating in.

Customer data or details

At WriteMyEssayForMe, we collect, use, transfer and analyze customer data in order to ensure that the services are being provided to everyone smoothly and without any major issue. We guarantee good results and high-quality writing services; it is mandatory for you as a customer to accept the Terms and Conditions of the company. In addition to the Terms and Conditions, you might also be asked to accept what is mentioned on the Privacy Policy page. You will also accept the way we collect, store, transfer or use your personal details or information. Basically, we collect only the basic data from our clients or site’s visitors, such as their email IDs, telephone numbers, usernames, and payer’s legal names. In addition, we collect information about the billing address, the IP address, order details, the content that is submitted as part of an order and cookies.

In this document, we have provided details on your personal data/information in order for you to be able to understand how the process will go on. When you visit the website, we collect your details in a variety of ways and try our best to make your correspondence with us easier. The basic information is obtained when you sign up for an account or subscribe to our Newsletter for receiving promotional emails or marketing messages.

In some circumstances, we collect personal information in the form of site registration, subscription to services or goods, any type of search you make, promotional activities you may sign up for and when you report a problem. The following data is collected:

We also collect technical details from our users or customers, such as their IP address, the log-in details and the web pages they have visited most recently. We may also gather and store information about your web browser, the operating system, and your time zone. If you have installed some plugins or are using add-ons, we will get to know it; we will also obtain information about which device (computer or mobile phone) you use to navigate through different web pages.

How your details are used

At, we always try to enhance your experience as a customer by making the site user-friendly and easy to use. We ensure that your data is collected and used for professional purposes only, and we often transfer data from one place to another to keep the site running without any major issue.

We will use your personal details in a variety of ways. We often use the data to know how the site is being used; the data is collected and used in order to determine which tech gadget you use to access the website, and the data is collected regarding how people react to different web pages and how much time they spend on the site every day.

The use of cookies

Cookies are an advanced technology which we use to determine how to provide easy and continuous access to the site. We use cookies regularly for promotional purposes and for protecting user details. For this purpose, these cookies are seeded in the computer device you may use to access the website.

Marketing or Promotion

We often use personal details for marketing the site and for promoting certain goods or services. At Writemyessayforme, we believe that marketing should be done regularly in order to stay in business for long. If you do not want to receive promotional emails, you can unsubscribe our Newsletter by clicking on the Unsub button. The promotional emails are sent to you regularly, as we want to keep you aware of the latest deals and discount offers.

Sharing of user data

At, we work day and night to protect the user data, meaning this will not be shared or transferred to anyone without any major reason. Once you sign up for an account or subscribe to our Newsletter, you allow us to share your basic details with the third party sites that are an integral part of our business. We share only the basic or needful information with them, such as your IP address. These third party sites help us send emails and SMS messages to a large number of customers.

The protection of data

We collect user information in a variety of ways, and we ensure that their details will be protected and will not be shared with anyone, without any major reason. We keep personal details with us for as long as are required. When the requirement has been fulfilled, we may dispose of secretly and securely. In the meantime, we ensure that the information we store in our database is legal, as this is what we transfer to the third party sites for promotional purposes. Before we transfer any data, it is integral to seek permission from the customers and to ensure that the data is legal and transferable.

At, we ensure that the user details are properly looked after or store. For this purpose, we have a team of data analysts and computer engineers who regularly monitor the quality of information we obtain from the customers or users. The team spends hours in finding out the most secure and reliable methods of data storage and transfer. We also ensure that no vulnerabilities are attached to the files being transferred from one place to another.

The rights of people living in the European Union

If you are currently residing in the European Union, then you reserve the right to alter, access, restrict, delete or change the user information, according to your desires and requirements. You can also send us an email to inquire what type of information we have collected so far. If you want to exercise your rights or have some confusions in your mind regarding how we hold user data, we encourage you to get in touch with us at at

You reserve the right to access your information any time, and for this purpose, you will have to get in touch with the staff and tell them what types of details you require. They will take some hours, days or weeks to process the data electronically, and the information will be submitted to you in text form. You also have the right to get the information corrected or changed. If you think that some of the details are incorrect, then you can contact us to get it fixed before it is sent to the third party sites for promotional or marketing purposes.

You also reserve the right to erase or delete your information by sending us a request. Data is usually deleted from our database instantly, but it may take us some time to request the third party sites to delete or erase user details. However, we do not guarantee that those sites will erase, remove or delete the information.

As a customer or user, you also have the right to limit our use of your details. At, we ensure that only the mandatory data will be processed, stored or transferred, and if you do not want us to use, save, transfer or keep it, then you have a legal right to restrict our access.

You have the right to withdraw the consent to use your details anytime. In some situations, we will need your permission to use your information, such as when we want to send promotional emails or SMS messages. If you still have concerns in this regard or do not want us to transfer your information to the third party sites, you can let us know, but we do not guarantee that those third party sites will follow the strictures.

The rights of people living outside the European Union

If you are outside the European Union, you have the right to access the information we have held. If anyone wants to see their details, we encourage them to email us at at, and they will be provided with the required data as soon as possible.

You have the right to access the recorded data. You can also view how we have used your information, where we have sent it, and how it has been stored. When you request the record, you will be provided with the information of the past twelve months. We follow up all requests as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the third party sites will delete, erase or remove your information upon request. We keep details under different categories and identify and deliver them to you accordingly.

Where the information is stored and transferred

Your data is stored in Canada, the United States and the European Union. We transfer the information in the European Union and the United States. The data is usually shared within the company, but in some situations, it is shared with the third party sites that are a must part of our business, as they help us promote varying services. The data is, however, transferred to the countries that guarantee the highest level of security and protection. We use contracts for this purpose.

Changes made in our company

In case we decide to shut down the business or want to make changes to the website, we may have to handle or store your data differently. But we still guarantee that it will not be shared with anyone unnecessarily.

How to contact us

The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are subject to change. You are requested to visit this page once a while to see whether some changes have been made or some new policies have been introduced. If you want to get in touch with us, you can email at One of our staff members will respond as early as possible.

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