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Terms and Conditions

By registering or submitting order details, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of the website. This also means that you accept the way we collect and store your information.

Important Definitions

An order is what every customer creates by submitting necessary details on the website.

You act as a client and are allowed to use the website for getting your work done.

Revision is absolutely free and is done as many times as you want; the only condition of free revision is that the final product does not contain the details specified initially.

A preferred writer is the academic writer who did your last paper and helped you score well. If you like their work and want them to do your new papers, then you will have to pay an extra fee.

A custom paper is the written material provided to our clients upon their request. This paper contains no plagiarism, and the text is submitted in a Word file. In some situations, we submit the custom order in PowerPoint and Excel, depending on the requirements of our customers.

Order Instructions

At Write My Essay For, we reserve the right to refuse a request to change initial order instructions once the payment has been made. This is because a writer begins working on your paper right away and stopping them in the middle or asking them to rewrite everything based on new instructions is not possible without additional payment. It means the original order request is what we will take care of while processing an order.


We provide free revisions for the first thirty days. Once your order has been done, submitted and downloaded from the system, you may ask for a revision within a month. If you think that the order instructions have not been taken care of and you want a rewrite, then you will be asked to submit sufficient evidence for the rewrite request to be considered. Please be informed that the revision or rewriting will be done according to the original order details or initial request, and if you insist rewriting based on new details, then we may have to reject your request.


As a client, you reserve the right to ask for a partial or full refund if you are not happy with the quality of the paper or you think that our writer has not followed the order instructions. You can submit a refund request to the support agents via email or live chat. Please be informed that such requests cannot be made to the writers, as they have nothing to do with such matters. As a customer, it is your responsibility to provide adequate evidence for why we should return your money. If the evidence has been provided and money is returned to you, then we will restore the ownership of the paper and can use or publish it anywhere.

What is a custom made paper?

Custom made paper is written from scratch, meaning there are no incidences of plagiarism except some quotes we may have to use in the paper to support certain arguments. Once we submit you the final product, we are not responsible for what you do with it.


We ensure the protection and safety of user data. For this purpose, we share only specific details with the third party sites that are an integral part of our business and help us promote or market our services efficiently. They also help us enhance the user experience. For instance, is using certain email service provided, SMS providers and payment processors, and we promise that only the basic or required information is shared with these service providers.

The custom content falls under the category of intellectual property, which belongs to the site and the customer. You reserve the right to use it for ninety days, and after this period, all rights associated with this intellectual property are restored by Writemyessayforme.

Service Outages

We are responsible for any service or power outage at our side, but if the fault is at your side, then we do not take any responsibility of losing the data.

Preferred Writer

At, we give you the preferred writer service. This means you can choose a specific writer for your writing work; you will be asked to pay something extra for this purpose. If the preferred writer is not available or another writer has taken the order, then the money is sent back to your account to be used in the future.

Collecting and using user information

We collect and use only specific types of data: username, password, email ID, telephone number, billing address, IP address, cookies, and payer name. The information we collect from our users is used commercially. We may use it for promotion and marketing purposes, and if you want to know more about how the information is stored and used, then we encourage you to visit the Privacy Policy page.

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